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Footwear Solutions

5 Tips For Navigating The Global Footwear Market Landscape

Shoe manufacturers may have some reservations about how to conduct business in the global footwear market. When you want to ensure not only ethical but sustainable business practices that promote growth, choosing the right partner for your overseas operations and transactions is critical.

The following five tips are essential to finding a footwear sourcing partner that knows how to navigate the international industry:


Footwear Design

The Benefits Of Adding External Perspectives To Your Footwear Design Process

 Global footwear brands have discovered the value of design collaboration with external creative resources. Celebrity designers, athletes and famous society trendsetters have all left a mark on footwear design and fashion.

A broader opportunity to use outside design support is often missed, however. The “not invented here” syndrome can block valuable outside contributions in day-to-day design activities.


Footwear Design

3 Ways Innovative Footwear Design Results In Quality Shoe Concepts

Footwear design is more than simply getting someone else to come up with creative ideas for your company. It’s a viable operational strategy to successfully make and move new shoe concepts into an intensely competitive marketplace.


Footwear Sourcing Partner

3 Security Measures Your Footwear Sourcing Partner Better Have In Place

Security is a big issue in the global footwear industry. From terror threats to cyber threats and product counterfeiting, your footwear sourcing partner must take security seriously with these supply chain security measures.