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Global Footwear Solutions For Brands And Retailers

Design And Development Ingenuity

We have a dedicated testing and sample room – the largest in the industry – to test sourced materials for quality and innovation, as well as to explore creative shoe concepts.

Logistics Executed With Precision

When you work with Mercury, you’ll always know where your footwear is in the production pathway, so stock is in step with customer demand.

Expect Less Than A 1% Defect Rate

Mercury upholds a company standard of having a less than 1% defect rate in its shoes by the time they reach the end user.

Quick, Quality Shoe Samples In A Flash

Mercury’s Design Dash service is a rapid footwear design process with a prototype turnaround within 7-10 days – the fastest design cycle on the market.

Why Mercury?

Applying Mercury’s world-class footwear design, manufacturing and sourcing competencies to your projects shortens your time to market, and allows you to remain on trend, on time, all of the time.

Using Mercury’s footwear sourcing solutions provides merchandising confidence that your selection and coverage presents the most current and important footwear styles, constructions, materials and technologies.

Accelerating your product cycle and reducing your inventory investment are achievable goals with Mercury’s footwear sourcing solutions.

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